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Our Mission

Protect What We Love is dedicated to producing and distributing enlightening, thought-provoking, and solutions-oriented content that inspires love for our planet and ourselves.

We are committed to cultivating a safe and uplifting community of engaged creators, activists, and all-around good humans with a shared mission of protecting nature and healing humankind.

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"Beauty is nature's tool for survival - we protect what we love. Nature’s beauty can open our hearts and be the shift in consciousness we need to celebrate life"

-Louie Schwartzberg

Our Impact

Protect What We Love is a vertically integrated nonprofit that produces and distributes award-winning content designed to transform and uplift the conversations shaping our culture, resulting in specific and measurable outcomes and actions at a global level.

Conscious Content

We partner with content creators dedicated to producing strikingly beautiful and cutting-edge content that will disrupt old ways of thinking and move the needle on key issues facing our society today.

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The Louie Channel is a streaming platform dedicated to educating, entertaining, and inspiring action through stunning visual content featuring award-winning filmmakers and curators of nature’s beauty. 

A Global Community

We are interconnecting a robust global community of viewers and organizations around programming committed to protecting our planet and becoming better human beings.



Our projects impact millions of people around the world. We are uniquely qualified to connect and partner with global organizations, galvanize communities, align with respected thought leaders, and implement grassroots movements that evolve into media-worthy trends with positive impact.

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